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Western Cup 2024

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Registration - To register for Western Cup, visit

Registration Package

Registration Packages - If your first game is Thursday night, registration packages will be available before your first game, at the club where your game is scheduled, between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

If your first game is Friday morning, registration packages will be available after your first game, at the club where your game is scheduled, between 10:30 and 11:30 am.


Weekend Time Table - Click here for an overview of what time the games and social events will occur.

dual venues

Dual Venues - This year, to host 48 teams, we have arranged for ice at two venues. The North Hill Curling Club (NHCC), Apollo’s home rink, and the Calgary Curling Club (CCC), our traditional bonspiel location. Both clubs offer excellent facilities and are conveniently located within walking distance of each other, albeit with a few stairs, or a brief drive away.

While some teams will have games at both rinks, others may play exclusively at one. However, all evening social events will be hosted at the Calgary Curling Club. Additionally, all finals on Saturday afternoon will be held at the Calgary Club.

Please note, except for the finals, if your team’s first game of the day is scheduled at one rink, all subsequent games that day will be at the same rink. This is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The Calgary Curling Club is located at 720 3 Street NW, and the North Hill Curling Club is located at 1201 2 Street NW. For a larger map and walking route, please click on the thumbnail - Curling Rink Map

If you'd like to check out the food options at either rink, please follow these links: Calgary Curling Club and North Hill Curling Club.


General Rules / Sparing - Unless specified otherwise, the Curling Canada Rules of Curling for General Play will be in effect.

Teams are permitted to commence a game with a minimum of three players. The provision of spare players is allowed, and Apollo Curling maintains a spare list specifically for the Western Cup. Please note that a spare player cannot be a registered member of another team participating in the bonspiel.

Spare players may substitute for a team member who is unable to play or take on a lower position. For instance, if the second player is unavailable, the spare will assume the role of the second or lead player. It is required that the opposing team be informed of any spares prior to the start of play.


Curling Committee - Here are the volunteers responsible for organizing and running Western Cup Curling.

Photo of Colin
Photo of Geoff
Photo of Jane
Photo of Kerry
Photo of Mark
Photo of Phil
Photo of Tom

round robin

Round Robin Play - Teams have been grouped into pools of four for a three-game round-robin, starting on the evening of Thursday, March 28, and ending by Friday evening. Each round-robin game will consist of a maximum of six ends, and ties are permitted. Buzzers will sound after 90 minutes of play. When the buzzer sounds, teams are only permitted to complete the end that is currently in progress. However, if the last (16th) stone has already crossed the nearer hog line when the buzzer sounds, an additional end may be played if you weren't already in your 6th end. See the "Schedule and Results" menu item to see the pool assignments.

score card

Score Submission - One team, typically the winning one, is required to submit the scorecard after each round-robin game, detailing each end. All submitted score cards can be found on this site - click on a team name in the Standings, or view All Score Cards. Teams earn points not only for winning but also for each end won, every rock scored, and more. A two-minute video on how to submit the scorecard can be found here More details on the point system can be found here.


Ranking - Teams’ cumulative point totals after the round-robin will determine their rank, from 1st to 48th place. In case of a tie in standings, a tiebreaker will be used (see the tiebreaker section below).

playoff Bracket

Playoff Bracket - Once the ranking is determined, all teams will be placed into a single-elimination playoff bracket. The top eight teams go to the A bracket, the next eight to the B bracket, and so on, down to the F bracket. Playoff games are eight ends, and ties are not allowed. A draw to the button tiebreaker will be used if the game is tied after eight ends.

round robin pools

Round Robin Pools - We’ve made every effort to accommodate each team’s preferred first game (either Thursday evening or Friday morning). All Friday requests have been granted, and some Thursday requests have been moved to Friday morning. We’ve also ensured that all pools include at least one out-of-town team and have tried to avoid placing two out-of-town teams from the same town in the same pool.


Tiebreaker - In the past, ties in the standings after Round Robin play were settled by a simple coin flip. This year, we’re introducing a more engaging method! Each team can choose between the “Clever” or “Lucky” options.

If you opt for “Clever”, one team member will be chosen to answer 10 timed, multiple-choice, skill-testing questions. With this choice, you’re almost guaranteed a minimum of 20 points. For more information, click on “CLEVER”.

If “Lucky” is your preference, one player will be selected to draw a card from a shuffled standard deck. Each card carries a unique point value, ranging from 1 to 100. For more details, click on “LUCKY”.

Whether you choose “Clever” or “Lucky”, it’s sure to be more exciting than a coin toss! Please note, this tiebreaker is only used for seeding the playoff brackets and does not apply to playoff games, which will still be decided by a draw to the button contest. The chances of these tiebreaker results even being used is quite slim. In the event that a tie can't be broken because the teams have the same tiebreaker points, a coin toss will be performed by Western Cup organizers.

social events

Social Events - Western Cup Curling is hosting social events for curlers (and friends) on both Thursday and Friday nights.

double take out

Doubles Board - If your team makes a double-takeout (completely removing two or more of your opponents’ stones from play), locate and ring the cowbell (attached to a balloon) and place that bell at the end of your curling sheet. The last team in possession of the cowbell at the end of the draw wins a round of drinks from the bar.

voting ballot

Voting Ballots - All participants in the bonspiel are invited to cast their votes for two distinct recognitions. The first is the Curling Princess, awarded to the player who stands out during the event. The second is the Most Sporting Team, given to the team that best exemplifies respect, good humor, and fair play. Ballots will be provided in your welcome envelope. Voting will be open at the CCC until 5:00 pm on Saturday.

rental equipment

Rental Equipment - When it comes to renting curling equipment, both the Calgary Curling Club and North Hill have brooms, sliders, and stabilizers available. However, they do not provide shoes or grippers.


Costumes - Dressing your team up as something fun is always encouraged!

Stay Updated - Keep up to date on game results, schedules, round-robin scorecards, team rankings, and playoff results here. Bookmark this site!