Apollo Curling Clinic

We host both Beginner and Intermediate curling clinics, taught by experienced curlers from the Apollo Curling league, in late September or early October (prior to the start of the curling season). The Beginner clinic includes on-ice instruction and teaches you the basics of the game: how to deliver a curling stone, how to sweep, and basic stragegy. It is intended for people who have never curled before. If you are interested in attending, please email clinic [at] apollocurling.com, and mention it's for the Beginner clinic.

The Intermediate clinic will be held in conjunction with the Beginner clinic, and will consist of on-ice instruction and will be geared towards curlers with 1 or more years of experience who would like to work on a specific area of their delivery, as well as discuss strategic elements of the game. Please email clinic [at] apollocurling.com, and indicate that you are interested in the Intermediate clinic.

Check the News page for updated clinic dates once they are available.